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Find Flights to Paris (CDG) with EVA Air

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Find Flights to Paris (CDG) with EVA Air

​Travelling to Paris

Paris is known for the architecture of its old city, its lights and the smells of freshly baked bread. Start you own adventure to France’s capital by booking your flight to Paris through EVA Air today.

Things to do in Paris

Stroll through the large and impressive grounds of the Louvre museum, viewing the glass pyramid on its grounds. Then, search for both Renaissance masterpieces and Impressionist visions as you walk the halls of museum. After, walk around the nearby Tuileries Garden and try to spot the different statues. Travel down the treelined sidewalk of the Champs-Élysées and pass under the Arc de Triomph, or have a meal at one of the street’s many outdoor bistros. Enjoy a well curated Parisian picnic in the reflecting pool in front of the Eiffel Tower, with fresh baguette and soft cheese. Before you leave, find something unique take home in one of the speciality shops and boutiques around the historic district of Le Marais.

Getting around Paris

The Paris Métro subway system is known for the beauty of its architecture. It is incredibly dense, and you can travel anywhere in the city by using it. There is also a commuter train (RER) that reaches outside the city. You can also take a number of buses, both on land and some that travel on the river.

Food in Paris

When in Paris, be sure to bistro fare like steak-frites, roast chicken and fries or a croque-monsieur. For heartier dishes, try coq au vin or beef bourguignon.  If you’re looking for neighbourhoods filled with dining options, visit Paris Bourse and Sentier, Montmartre, Belleville or Grands Boulevards.

​Weather in Paris

Tuesday light rain
28°C 06/02/2020
Wednesday moderate rain
24°C 06/03/2020
Thursday light rain
18°C 06/04/2020
Friday light rain
16°C 06/05/2020
Saturday light rain
18°C 06/06/2020
Sunday light rain
18°C 06/07/2020
Monday moderate rain
16°C 06/08/2020
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